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Mango Prebiotic Tonic

Mango Prebiotic Tonic

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It’s Mango season year round! 

Our tropical tonic is made with a crisp mango flavour and fresh apples picked in Australia.

Our Mango flavour is a little drier for the folks who prefer a refreshing not-too-sweet soda.

Our beverages are available via our stockists or online at Harris Farm Markets &

Benefits of Blume's Prebiotic Fibre

Your gut bacteria needs prebiotic fibre in order to thrive and bloom. Prebiotic fibre is a type of non-digestible fibre that your gut bacteria use as fuel.

Benefits may include:

- Supporting the growth of beneficial bacteria

- Promoting healthy digestion

- Decreasing levels of harmful bacteria

- Supporting a healthy immune system through the production of short chain fatty acids

What's so special about Blume Prebiotic Tonic?

Blume uses a proprietary blend of FOUR incredible plant fibres scientifically shown to benefit gut health – agave inulin, acacia fibre, Jerusalem artichoke inulin, and chicory root inulin.

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No more nasties.

Artificial ingredients, empty calories, and excess sugar are out.

Blume contains natural, wholesome, and microbiome-supporting ingredients.