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What makes Blume so special?

Prebiotics are plant fibres that the good bacteria in your gut feed on.

Without these plant fibres, those good bacteria are like sad pandas at an empty bamboo buffet – we're here to keep the gut fiesta alive and thriving!

Blume uses a proprietary blend of FOUR incredible plant fibres scientifically shown to benefit gut health - agave inulin, acacia fibre, Jerusalem artichoke inulin, and chicory root inulin.

So you could say Blume almost counts as four vegetables (for legal reasons, this is a joke).

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  • Agave Inulin

    Agave inulin, extracted from the Agave plant, is a low-calorie sweetener and prebiotic fibre. Interestingly, tequila is also derived from the same plant. Although tequila doesn't count as a prebiotic (we asked).

  • Acacia Fibre

    Acacia Fibre is derived from Acacia Trees, encourages the growth of beneficial bacteria and soothes sensitive stomachs by fermenting slower than most other forms of fibre.

  • Jerusalem Artichoke Inulin

    Despite what the name suggests, Jerusalem artichokes are not artichokes but are the root of a type of sunflower. Inulin is a type of fermentable fibre that's found in plant foods.

  • Chicory Root Inulin

    Chicory root is a fibre-packed source and one of the most well-researched sources of inulin. Fun fact: Egyptians grew Chicory thousands of years ago as a medicine.