Wait, what are prebiotics? Like kombucha?

We're glad you asked. No, not at all like kombucha - but it's easy to mix the two up!

Blume is not fermented so you won't get the sour taste found in kombucha. Blume is filled with plant fibre goodness!

Plant fibres are prebiotics. They're the plants that fuel the good bacteria, making sure your gut microbiome stays strong and ready for action. So, while probiotics (like those in kombucha) get all the fame, prebiotics are the behind-the-scenes heroes, prepping the stage for a healthy gut performance!

Why should I choose Blume over regular soda?

Because our soda isn't just a fizzy delight—it's a party for your gut! Packed with prebiotics, it's the VIP pass for your gut bacteria. Your tummy will thank you, and you'll be the talk of the town among the microbiome crowd.

Oh, and it contains ZERO nasties and is low in sugar and calories.

Will it make me glow like a wellness influencer on Instagram?

We can't guarantee an instant glow-up or a sudden craving for kale chips, but with Blume, you're on the express train to Gut Health City. But with a happy gut, who knows? You might start greeting your bacteria by name.

Help! Something has gone wrong with my order!

Uh-oh, if it looks like your order took an unexpected detour or something seems awry - don't worry!

Flick us an email at gday@drinkblume.com.au and we'll be on it faster than you can say "microbiome."

I'm a store! I'd love to stock Blume!

We'd love to hear from you! Please email wholesale@drinkblume.com.au

Say hello. Or send us a microbiome haiku.